May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

San Antonio Mohs Micrographic Surgery

Mohs Micrographic Surgery is the most advanced and effective treatment procedure for skin cancer available at Skin Specialists of San Antonio and offers the highest potential for recovery – up to 99%. The procedure is performed by a highly specialized physician that serves as surgeon, pathologist and reconstructive surgeon. During the Mohs procedure, the surgeon removes the visible tumor and then creates a map or diagram of the cancer site. The surgeon then removes the remaining affected tissue, one layer at a time and immediately studies the tissue under a high powered microscope, until it is determined that all cancer has been removed from the diagrammed area. Once the cancer has been removed, the surgeon repairs the wound with the most advanced reconstructive procedures.

The Mohs technique offers the following benefits:

Success – Mohs provides the most advanced and effective treatment procedure for skin cancer available and substantially decreases the chance of skin cancer recurrence.

Preservation – Mohs Surgery minimizes the removal of surrounding, healthy skin tissue allowing for potentially smaller scars.

Safety – Performing the procedure under local anesthesia allows for a faster patient recovery and a lower risk of complications, especially for older patients.

Comprehensive – The Mohs procedure includes your skin cancer treatment, a pathology evaluation and a wound reconstruction all in the same visit and all by one surgeon.

Dr Vogel, a Texas dermatology specialist, is a fellowship trained Mohs surgeon who has many years experience with successful Mohs treatments for skin cancer.

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